Vanguard Initiative

The Vanguard Initiative network was established in 2013 by ten European regions committed to promoting economic growth and employment rate with the help of industrial cooperation between European regions and their shared interests.

Today, Vanguard Initiative gathers 39 of the most advanced industrial regions in Europe, focused on stimulating industrial innovation and building European value-chains based on complementarities in regional smart specialisation strategies. 

Pilot projects implemented within the Vanguard Initiative network have inspired interregional innovation investments (i3) and establishment of regional smart specialisation strategies. Members of the Vanguard Initiative are mostly regional authorities who are responsible for implementation of smart specialisation strategies, which makes them politically committed to the principals of the network.

With this political bond, Vanguard Initiative forms a unique alliance which strengthens the motivation of member areas to promote the regional cooperation based on regions’ ability to supplement each other’s strengths by the help of smart specialisation. By connecting European innovation ecosystems and sharing knowledge and facilities across its member regions, the Vanguard Initiative facilitates interregional collaboration, stimulates interregional innovation investments, strengthens open innovation, and speeds up the introduction and market-uptake of new products and innovations in Europe.

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